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  1. zenstat
  2. pete2016
    pete2016 TheMattJones88
    Wow that was fast....I have 2 corder snares one 5x14 and an 8x14 and both are incredible snares......they hold up well with my Rogers, slingerlands , and Ludwig.......

    Did you buy the snare w/ot the SFT strainer?
    1. TheMattJones88
      Yeah, it just had a standard strainer on it, nothing fancy. I think it was a student model.
      Mar 18, 2019 at 6:38 PM
  3. bkny110
    bkny110 bellbrass
    Hi, Did you say you were selling a Bun E snare?

  4. RossXdrum
    Drum and music lover
  5. bldrums
    bldrums buckwheat
    Hey neighbor. bldrums here , do you happen to be selling a Rogers COB snare? Either way , just wanted to shout out a hello !!!
    1. buckwheat
      Sold it about 6 mo. ago.
      Mar 17, 2019 at 3:52 AM
  6. wayne
    wayne DanRH
    Hi Dan..if i understand correctly, you live in Florida. Any chance you know of a place that will rent me a room for about 8 weeks next winter? I,d like to start taking breaks often and I enjoyed Florida when I toured there...any leads would be much appreciated...thx kindly....wayne
  7. rikkrebs
    rikkrebs Tigerdrummer
    If you are interested in owning a Fibes kit, I have one that I would sell....CHEAP
  8. donnbennett
    donnbennett shilohjim
    I saw your post from way back in 2006. You mentioned a Beach Boys Brothers Studio brochure that you could see Dennis Wilson's Blaemire set in. Do you have a copy of that brochure or know where I could find one?
  9. FlightInstructor
    FlightInstructor dboomer
    would you ship to Michigan?
  10. ANR
    ANR Dw91290
    Hi Dw91290, I'm a bit new to this forum. You messaged me through on of the "big popular sites" about my Ludwig WMP kit. 18, 12,14. Can you PM me so we can get a hold of each other - hopefully by phone?
    Thanks, ANR
    1. Dw91290
      Hey Adam! My cell is 937-516-2952 if that’s easy for you to communicate that way! Feel free to shoot me a text. Looking forward to trying and working something out!
      Mar 13, 2019
  11. wayne
    wayne billyward
    Hi Bill....In the event you don't want to post info on the Lang Tagz snare drum, could you please send me a pm and let me know how you feel about it?....appreciated.
    1. billyward
      Sure thing. I won't have it until later this week or next week. If I haven't gotten back to you please remind me again. Are you simply curious or do you work for the manufacturer or distributor? -Billy
      Mar 13, 2019
  12. drumphil85
    Everything is ok when i'm behind my drums!!!
  13. jptrickster
    Spent half my money on drinking and drums the other half I wasted
  14. billyward
    billyward dustjacket
    Hi dust - where ere you located? I'm very interested in your "stencil" kit. I live an hour north of NYC 10536. If you are interested in a trade for a cymbal or snare we could work something out. My email is thanks, Billy
  15. Briandisaster
    Briandisaster pedro navahas
    Are you still interested in that gold radio king I have?
    I think I’m going to post it on reverb or eBay for $800 or so, but you’re welcome to make me an offer. I’m pretty open
    1. pedro navahas
      pedro navahas
      Sent you a pm
      Mar 5, 2019
  16. DWSlingerland45
    DWSlingerland45 Mjames
    Mjames , saw your chat w Optikdrums. He is an absolute Vintage drum expert, and won't steer you wrong. If you look in the menu at the top of the page ( the three horizontal lines) and select members, then type his forum name into it. His profile will pop up and then you can select chat or private chat and send him the message details.... He is a great guy and will help you out. Hope this helps, Mike
  17. Cory
    Cory curotto
    Sorry - You can reach me at
  18. Cory
    Cory curotto
    Mr. Curotto:
    Hi! I have recently discovered a Duplex Black Jewel Snare. I posted a request for info to the DrumForum yesterday and was given your name as the expert on drums from this era. I found it in a corner of an attic. Any info on value would be appreciated.
  19. Robert Hau
    Robert Hau
    I play Drums in a two piece band. I am here to be a better drummer.
  20. carlo cavallini
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