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  1. Snafu
    I love these! Always wanted a set.
  2. Ludwigboy
    My goof! The photos show the set with a 1980's Ludwig Rocker snare; I have since added a 66 Ludwig Acrolite snare to the set
  3. jgib01
    These are the 2001 ELX, so all mahogany I believe. At least my subkick is birch :)
  4. audiochurch
    very nice! what are the shell specs? i have an old 13 power tom converted into a floor tom with birch inner ply. have been using it on gigs for the past few years. killer drums!
  5. audiochurch
    have been blessed to still have this snare for all gigs in Aug2018. The last 10 months have been great to me with subbing for 4 different bands as my 2 little boys get a little older. Every gig...

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