1920-30's Ludwig snare -rim help please

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    All, I'm new to the forum and need some direction from the experts.
    Back in the 80's I was a jobbing drummer and a snare drum collector. After 25 years of them sitting in cases I'm pulling them all out, cleaning them up with the hopes one of my grandkids will pick up drumming and I can ultimately pass them down.

    One of my drums is a 1920-30 Ludwig brass snare. I bought it cheap, ripped off the original rims and put new style rims and heads on it. The drum was perfect, not over powering and with a great tone.

    Now I decided I'd like to get it back to as close to original as possible, and of course I was a stupid kid and didn't keep the original rims. I came across someone locally who had these types of rims, but they are Slingerland and he has both brass and steel.

    Anyone have a recommendation which I should put on? should there be any difference between the Ludwig and Slingerland rims? Is there any suggestions of places I can find original parts?

    Appreciate the help

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