1920's Ludwig Mahogany Super

Discussion in 'Vintage Venue' started by P-pangdrums, Nov 7, 2018 at 2:00 AM.

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    I'm trying to decide if I should buy this drum or not. It's a Ludwig mahogany shell super 6,5x14 from the 1920's but it's in a little beat up condition and missing a few parts.
    Someone painted the whole drum, shell, lugs and all in white [​IMG] and the current owner cleaned all the hardware (came out nice/decent). When hi tried to sand the paint of the shell he couldn't get it out of the pores, so instead of sanding more, and possibly ruining the shell, he wrapped it in rosewood(plastic). I think glue was only applied at the seam so it should be fairly easy to get off.
    The inside doesn't look very nice but could probably be sanded to look ok.

    The drum is missing the internal rod as well as the upper parts on the butt side, other then that it seems ok.

    Seller is asking 425$, fair deal? Do you think it would be possible to source the missing parts?

    I own a couple of NOB 1920s Ludwigs and love them. Have always been curious about the wood versions from that era.

    I'm looking to play the drum, not a collector...

    Please chime in!

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  2. Hop

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    I personally prefer to have something in "pristine" shape and of course the price would be reflected in an upward direction.
    I'm thinking for the price you could buy a mahogany shell, get the bearing edges and beds cut, and assemble it with new hardware for that price... are you looking specifically for that era or just a good sounding drum?
  3. D. B. Cooper

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    Oct 18, 2009
    Yeah man. Seems a little steep for something refinished and wrapped in in that wrap. I'd either talk him down considerably, or hold out for one in better shape.
  4. Powertone

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    Depends on how much the parts are and how easily you can find them. When/if you do find them, you still have a Super Sensitive that may not be the the best drum for a player’s drum (from that era). You would be better served with finding a mahogany 6.5x14 with a standard throw off.

    I also enjoy the heavy brass two piece shell drums. The mahogany is fun to play and has a different sound, not as cutting and very warm. Great vintage sound.
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    Hmmm.....what a mess. The badge is worth $50? The throw if a P338 and butt maybe $100. Hoops (even repros) are easy to source as are repro clips and long tube lugs. Maybe another $100 there. So is the shell worth $175? I don't think so. I could and would definitely refinish it and revive the drum and get rid of that awful rosewood, but I don't think it's worth more than $250 as is, or maybe up to $300 if the bearing edged are both in good+ condition and not too much interior damage (I can't tell from the pic but inside looks bad).

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