Alberta, Canada Tour (Andre Pettipas and The Giants)

Discussion in 'Gigs' started by Cosh, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Hey Drum Family,
    My band will be leaving the east coast of Canada and hitting up Alberta this upcoming week,
    I was already told about a few places to check out such as "Beat It Music" which apparently is a fantastic vintage drum store.
    If anyone has any suggestions on music stores or good restaurants to check out please let me know.
    and if you're in the area of any of the places we are playing id love to meet up and talk drums!
    you can hear us at;

    so far our dates include;

    February 17th @ The Krossing in Red Deer, Alberta
    February 18th @ The Rec Room in Edmonton, Alberta (West Edmonton Mall)
    February 23rd @ Blind Beggars Pub in Calgary, Alberta
    February 26th @ Ironwood, Calgary, Alberta

    Few More To Be Announced, including Banff& Canmore AB and Golden, British Columbia.
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    Aug 9, 2016
    Speaking as an Islander myself i wish you guys well on the tour. I,ve been across Canada many times touring and we all looked forward to it. Not only is the best country in the world, its incredibly beautiful. Take it all in....ENJOY!!

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