Angel Snare Drum Clearance !

Discussion in 'Retail Row' started by Murat, Jan 4, 2018.

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    I have two Angel snare drums here that are new but they have been on the floor so people have tapped them here and there.

    First is a Pine shell segmented stave. Aluminum hoops, one of the lightest snare drums you will ever see. Very warm but powerful snare. 5.5X14

    The second one is made of Alder, same segmented stave idea, with heavy iron hoops. 5.5X14 as well. This one is a heavy drum with a lot of attack and a beautiful tone.

    They are $475usd each, shipped to anywhere in North America !

    The funky looking one in the picture is the Pine, the plain one is the Alder !



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