I've got cheap GAS (some olympic love in my future)

Discussion in 'Vintage Venue' started by dtk, Mar 7, 2019.

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    to quote Britney Spears...oops I did it again.

    I saw a post (facebook) from a guy in Minersville PA selling 20/16 late 70s Premier Olympics w/a generic 12" tom.

    I don't live anywhere near Minersville but pass pretty close when going to pick up my daughter from college in Ohio. Either driving out or back I'm going to pick them up. They aren't mint. Original wrap was painted and cracked. Bass interior painted black and missing reso hoop and rods/claws. but for $50 for the two (and the generic) drums the hardware may be worth it (looks like Premier).

    My local MGR has a Premier gold Prismatic small tom on sale for $50...I think I can talk them down a little (someone added a Pearl thru the shell mount) but I also have one of lane's FG shells w/Premier hardware...

    I didn't need this...not sure what I'll do w/it...but for $100 or less...i couldn't let it pass.... pics coming this summer...

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