K. Zildjian Canada 20" Ride Cymbal

Discussion in 'Cymbals For Sale' started by SlingyFan, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Feb 15, 2011
    Up for sale is this beautiful and rare 70s Canadian K. Zildjian ride. It is right at 20" and weighs a med/heavy 2798g. Very nice hand hammering. Great condition with original patina, no cracks, and just the tiniest bit of keyhole. This plays lighter than it is in my opinion with some good wash build and buttery sticking, loud and crystal clear bell. At this weight it doesn't crash that great imo however. It has a real nice classic rock sound to it. I am working on getting a video up. $400 shipped

    20190311_193023.jpg 20190311_193056.jpg 20190311_193100.jpg 20190311_193108.jpg 20190311_193111.jpg 20190311_193116.jpg 20190311_193212.jpg 20190311_193249.jpg

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