Paiste Innovations 18” Thin Crash

Discussion in 'Cymbals For Sale' started by nickrobotron, Mar 11, 2019.

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    This is an underrated Paiste crash that I’ve written about a few times. I buy them when they pop up because I really love them, but I don’t need to have more than one! There isn’t really another 2002 alloy crash quite like these Innovations thin crashes. They’re faster and drier than any Giant Beat or 2002, but blend nicely with those series. I replaced my 18” Giant Beat with one and use it alongside my 20” Giant Beat and/or 20” Signature Full. Maybe it’s just me, but I dig these.

    This one is in good shape with some oxidation and a couple minor rough patches on the edge. $120, shipped.

    FEC8D133-1E41-44A3-AC88-73244414677B.jpeg 25CD755A-43F6-47D4-BBAF-7F03B34659B3.jpeg
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