SOLD DW Jazz Series 5.5X14 Gumwood/Mahogany Snare

Discussion in 'Retail Row' started by Murat, Feb 15, 2018.

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    So the Jazz series from DW has a thick Gumwood core and it can be made into a hybrid by surrounding it with Maple, Cherry or Mahogany. This version is Gumwood/Mahogany. The timber pitch is "F" .
    The finish is Broken Glass. Comes with Satin Chrome hardware and is in really good shape. Mag Throw off, True Hoops that are in great shape with minimal signs of normal usage. Tiny imperfection on the batter side bearing edge that can be very easily fixed. Currently has a Vintage Ambassador head on it that has some life in it but I am not too sure if it is the ideal head for this drum personally.
    This is not a light drum by any means, but plays and looks beautiful.

    $395 USD plus shipping !



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