Soul/Funk Drumless Track

Discussion in 'VIDEO FILES' started by Ray Dee Oh King, Dec 28, 2018.

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    So far this is the best mix I have recorded with my new set up. Theres some indecisive playing, but its not too bad I only messed with this track a couple times. I'm really liking the head combo all around. Hope you enjoy.
    Recorded on Tracktion Waveform 8. INDe Drum Labs shells, Aquarian Focus X batter heads w/Power Dots and Texture Coated Resos. Super kick 2 batter and Ported Regulator on the bass drum. Paiste 2oo2 Big Beat Cymbals. Mics are 2-Audio Technica ATM 450s for overheads and Shure Beta 91A. Very little/Slight reverb on the kick and overheads through the board. No other processing was done. File is too large to place in here, so I've provided a Youtube link.
    Thanks for watching!
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