Trade an 80's vintage 20" Paiste China for a UFIP China?

Discussion in 'Swap Shop' started by Fat Drummer, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Mar 5, 2017
    I have a 20” Paiste 2002 China (1771 Grams) Purchased in the late 80’s from a guy who said he brought it home from Germany after being stationed in the military. No idea if it really came from there, but It's in great shape (though but no logos). I would be willing to trade it for a UFIP china (interested in many series and sizes between 18" and 22") if you had something to toss on the table.

    It's one of my favorite china's I have ever owned (in fact, the only one I even owned for the past 15 years) but it's a true orphan in that I do not own another single Paiste cymbal. If interested, we can exchange sound files and more pics.

    Thanks for the look,



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