Unwrapping a water-damaged kick drum

Discussion in 'Resto and Rehab tips' started by leftymcleft, Aug 2, 2017.

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    SO I picked up an old Yamaha kit to restore. The one I need lugs for.

    Anyways, the bottom of the bass drum is water-stained on the inside, but the shell is still in round and the bearing edges look remarkable for a kit it's age (late 80s Stage 5000, mahogany outer plies with beech inner. Great mellow tone).

    The problem arises when I tried to heat gun off the wrap. The wrap seam is at the bottom where the water damage is, and the wrap is lifting fine, but it's taking the outer mahogany ply with it!

    Can I like, put veneer on the shell to replace the missing ply, or should I consider this a total loss and get a new shell?

    I'm only $40 into the drums at the moment.

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