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    Yes. 82, 83 and 84 are like that. I've never seen an 85-xxxx or 86-xxxx. And don't ever recall seeing yrs used before 82-xxxx either. The first few years (76-79) seem to be 5 digits (9XXXX for example). Then they increased to 6 digits (beginning with a 1XXXXX) during the 79-81 period. In 1985-86 it became 8 digits (1XXXXXXX). So 3 basic time periods on the badges, pre-year (76-81), year (82,83,84), and post year (85-86).

    This is only based on what I've seen studying badges on line and drums I've owned or seen in person. There may be other nuances I'm missing. The straight "T" on the badge dates it in the 1976-1984 period or so. By 1985-1986 they are tilted "T's". 1984 or very early 1985 seems to be transition.
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