Vintage Drums & Honky Tonk Country Music at Cowboy Country in Long Beach CA this weekend Oct 5 & 6

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    Hi all
    My Honky Tonk Country Dance band is doing another 2 BIG nights at Cowboy Country in Long Beach CA this Friday & Saturday night October 5 & 6.
    This place is a REAL DEAL country dance hall and actually kinda famous.
    It's actually a HUGE night club with 3 dance floors, 3 bars, a huge stage, a kitchen for vittles, tons of seating, a DJ booth, gift shop, and on Friday night they pull out the mechanical bull!
    It's a really cool place run by really cool music loving folks. The 5.00 cover helps SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC and there are FREE dance lessons at 7 & 8 pm.
    Downbeat 9 pm & we go to 1 am! DJ spins country dance music between sets so if you love to dance country, you are gonna DIG this place!
    My band Three Chord Justice plays OLD school country music & original country music influenced by the greats.
    We do everything from Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, JC, Buck Owens, Emmy Lou Harris, George Jones, hell, we even cover a Jason & The Scorchers tune!
    I'll be bringing most likely my 1960 W&A kit & my 1963 Rogers Swingtime.
    The drums are fully microphoned up too.. :laughing4:

    Check out the links & if any SoCal folks come out PLEASE say HI to the drummer!

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